The Pacific Mountain Regional Council is large and varied so we have a lot of information to share! We strive to be well connected to our community and to help you get the information that you want to receive.

Please take time to tick the boxes that pertain to you, as it helps us to know what to send you:
  • The first set of categories (ages, roles, etc) helps us to send emails just to a certain cohort when the need arises - emailing all church offices with a bulletin announcement, or sending an up date to just active ministry personnel, or special news to just our retirees. Tick Other if none pertain to you.  
  • The second set of categories (different ministry areas and passions) are what we'll use most often for communicating with you. Chose everything you're excited about and require information on!
  • The third set of categories (geographical location) helps us communicate area-specific highlights.
You can update your preferences any time you receive an email from us. The link to update preferences is in the bottom of each email we send.

Thanks for being connected!
Pacific Mountain regional council staff

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